“Get your smile back in 6 months”


Lingual Braces

Do you want to get your smile back, but don’t want people to see your braces…Now you can!

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth making them virtually invisible so no one can see them.

Lingual braces are a great option for adults who want straight teeth and a beautiful smile without showing any braces or wires. Dr. Galullo is one of the few dentists in the Delaware Valley that has the special training and experience needed to treat patients who desire lingual braces.

The Straight Teeth 6 Months braces can be used in conjunction with lingual braces. Dr. Galullo is one of an elite group of dentists in the country and one of a few in Southeastern Pennsylvania who can combine the lingual braces with the Straight Teeth 6 Months braces.

Lingual braces can be used on the upper in combination with lower clear braces.

While lingual braces are more expensive than regular braces (they have to be custom made to fit your teeth), and lingual braces requires special training for the doctor. One option commonly done to lower the cost is to use the lingual braces for the upper teeth and use conventional clear braces on the lower teeth.

Both regular and lingual braces require an adjustment period. Regular braces affect the lips and cheek, whereas lingual braces affect the tongue. For some people, lingual braces do alter their speech initially. Patients are able to speak and chew comfortably within the first few weeks with our guidance and various comfort aides.

You will achieve a beautiful smile and straight teeth and be able to show-off your smile during treatment.

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