“Get your smile back in 6 months”


About Dr Galullo

Thomas A. Galullo, DDS, located in Berwyn, PA has been practicing dentistry in Chester County PA and on the Main Line for over more than 30 years.

Dr. Galullo grew up in Montgomery County, attended Ursinus College, and is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry.

A tradition of dentistry runs over 60 years deep in the Galullo family, as Dr. Galullo is preceded by his father, who attended the
University of Pennsylvania and started his dental practice in 1954.

Dr. Galullo has continued his post-graduate studies in the area of “Natural Esthetics”, functional orthodontics and Biomimetic Dentistry. He is practicing family dentistry with a concentration in the diseases of malocclusion, the bite, and alignment of the adult dentition.

Dr. Galullo’s family dental practice is grounded on 3 basic beliefs:

  • You have the right to make informed choices about your own dental health.
  • You deserve the same quality of care that he would provide to his own family.
  • His primary purpose as your dental professional is to care for you for the duration of your life.
Dr Galullo Straight Teeth Six Months Braces About Us

Straight Teeth 6 Months Braces:

Dr. Galullo has pioneered the Straight Teeth 6 Months braces in Pennsylvania. He is one of a handful of dentists certified in the state to use the technique, and one of a select few who can use the Straight Teeth 6 Months braces in combination with Lingual braces.

Dr. Galullo believes in the Straight Teeth 6 Months braces because of how it makes patients feel when they get the smile they always wanted. And, because it is generally less costly than alternative techniques (like Invisialign®) and a faster process for straightening your teeth, typically about 6 months.